Melodea NCC Foam


Plants remarkable architecture is formed by self-assembly processes of the different components into the final structure.

Melodea develops unique technologies that utilize the unique self-assembly properties of NCC into highly ordered structural materials such as ecologically friendly foams.

The innovative and breakthrough technology allows the production of NCC based light and strong porous materials. The foams are self-assembled via ice templating methods which allow control on the fiber orientation along with enhanced compressive and shear strength. The technical properties of our foams are comparable with fossil-oil based foams. Our foams are crosslinked with different bio-polymers forming rigid panels for application as insulation materials for construction and as rigid foamed cores for sandwich composites. In addition for being light and strong our foams have excellent fire reaction and thermal insulation properties. Currently we are working on upscaling of foam production towards industrial implementation.

Foams at dimensions of A4 sheet X 1 to 2 cm are produced 

Melodea NCC foam

Density: 35 Kg/m3

crosslinked Melodea NCC foam:

Water and fire resistance

compressive strength: 1.5 MPa,

Density: 150 Kg/m3


As an integral part of our development efforts Melodea is partnering with strategic European companies and institutes in two European commission projects (FP7) BRIMEE and NCC-FOAM focusing on the development and application of the foams into the fields of construction and composite.

Melodea is open for collaboration with commercial partners seeking to jointly bring the technology into commercial products.