NCC as reinforcement Additive

The mixing of nanoparticles into polymer systems forming a composite with enhanced properties has been well-known for decades. The earliest example is from the early nineteen century when clay nano-particles were mixed into Bakelite to form a nano-composite. In the recent years many inorganic nanoparticles systems such as nano silica, carbon nano tubes etc. were developed for many applications.

Environmental issues along with health and safety have become a major concern for both materials users and producers. Nowadays a clear shift is foreseen in fields like paints, coatings and adhesives where solvent based materials are replaced with water based systems such as emulsions and complete water based polymers.

NCC presents a 100% biobased safe nano-building block for reinforcing different polymer systems. It is highly compatible in water based systems and can be used as a reinforcement additive for all types of materials for enhancement of adhesiveness, scratch resistance, tensile strength, bonding, erosion and more. NCC can be a also a carrier platform for introduction and dispersion of other active nano particles such for modification of optical properties, gas barrier, active catalysts and more.

When speaking of bio-economy, many new products based on bio-based polymers such as starch polymers and poly-lactic acid (PLA) are entering the market. Nevertheless these materials are inferior in technical properties compared with fossil-oil polymers. Reinforcement of these polymers by NCC can improve their performance and will enable to introduce them to new applications currently blocked due to their limited technical properties.

As an integral part of our development efforts Melodea is partnering with strategic European companies and institutes in European commission projects (FP7) "FLHEA”focusing on development of bio-based food packaging.

Melodea provides enhancing solutions to the following industries: 

Paper and paperboard

Bio-based packaging

Acrylic glues