Melodea is active in the European framework development programs. Recently we have been awarded morethan 1,000,000 Euro in 3 projects of the European Union Seventh Framework Program (FP7).

The first project BRIMEEaims to develop insulating boards to attach to the exterior and interior of old buildings walls to improve insulation and reduce energy consumption.

The second project NCC-Foamaims to develop commercially-viable, lightweight, rigid foam core materials for sandwich structures for the composite industry.

The third project FLHEAobjective is to develop renewable and recyclable food packaging materials based on natural fibers such as flax and hemp. In FLHEA Melodea will produce flax based NCC that will be used as a strengthening agent for the novel bio-based packaging materials.

The company is interested to enter new projects within Horizon 2020 program and we are open for partnerships.

We have a skilled and enthusiastic team with expertize in NCC and its applications in different systems. We are already active in the fields of paper, packaging, adhesives and paints and we will be happy to collaborate with new partners interested in enhancing the performance of their products.

 Our partners: